Evolution Monsters #001 – #100 Pack

This monster pack contains more than 200 unique creature graphics!​



This monster pack contains more than 100 unique monsters, each with a front and back graphic and over 200 unique graphics!

  • 100 Front Battlers
  • 100 Back Battlers
  • Evolutionary levels, as in Pokemon with up to 5 levels of development
  • All graphics are separated
  • This monster pack fits perfectly with my other sets.
  • Possible use with RPG Maker, Unity or other game engines.

I have prepared 5 rendered / layered versions (.png). These are with the factors 0.25x; 0.50x; 0.75x; 1x and 2x available. In addition, each one .svg version is included.

That means you can scale it up to larger resolutions without loss of quality!

Dimensions (“Monster # 003” as  example):
0.25x = ca. 180px * 180px
0.50x = ca. 360px * 370px
0.75x = ca. 540px * 565px
1.00x = ca. 720px * 755px
2.00x = ca. 1440px * 1510px
.svg = any size  * any size


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