Free 48 Gems Icon Pack




Free 48 Gems Icon Pack – for Adventure RPG
Every gem has 8 sizes – 6 different gems with different symbols.
Total elements: 451 .png files


Have fun with this little package. =)


Royalty free license

This Game Asset Pack comes with a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to all resources in this pack. In general you can use this pack for commercial and non commercial projects.

You can use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works based upon all assets; You may use my game assets as many times as you like; Distribution of source files is NOT permitted; You can sell and distribute games & films with my assets. Like all licensed artwork, this is a non-exclusive license, so the copyright stays with the original artist.  As this is a non-exclusive license, other developers may be using the same artwork, but neither them or you can make a copyright claim against their usage.


Forbidden – Important:

You can NOT resell the art source files (PNG, JPG, AI, PSD, etc) or slightly modified version of the art / models.  You can not redistribute the art / models or modified version of the art / models in a manner that would make some or all of the art / models files useable to another end user via the app.  For example, an app that uses the art as part of the play of the game is fine. An app that allows the user to save or export a modified version of the artwork itself is not fine.


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