2D Medieval GUI – Vector + Raster Graphics


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This Medieval GUI package comes with more than 830+ unique GUI graphic elements!

  • 71 unique Icon graphics (with 6 different color versions)
  • 73 Buttons (each version) – 2 style versions (290 images * 2)
  • 396 GUI elements
  • 28 prerendered text elements
  • 45 Medieval icons
  • separated graphics to provide you more possibilities for customization
    (build your own windows as you need)


It can be used with the RPG Maker series or other game engines.


I’ve prepared 5 rendered .png versions (0.10x, 0.25x, 0.50x, 1x and 2x) but there’s also a svg  version of each file. This means you can scale it up without loss of quality (vector graphics)!


Dimensions (“star rainbow” as example) :
0.10x = ca. 26px * 27px
0.25x = ca. 66px * 67px
0.50x = ca. 133px * 135px
1.00x = ca. 267px * 271px
2.00x = ca. 534px * 542px
.svg     = any size * any size


Please note: 
Backround graphics like the isometric tiles or the creatures are not included.
If you like these tiles / creatures, please check also my other products out.
This Medieval GUI set fits perfect with my other assets.


This Game Asset Pack comes with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free license to all resources in this pack.
In general you can use this pack for commercial and non commercial projects.
You can NOT resell the art source files (PNG, SVG, etc) or slightly modified version of the art / models.


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